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August/September 2013

In autumn 2013, simultaneously with the traditional Science Camp, a group of German photographers came to Hessdalen. During the week the author of this website has taken timelapse videos with more than 4.000 individual frames. In the last night, when the official Science Camp was already finished, the Hessdalen Phenomenon showed up in 9 individual images of a timelapse sequence.

The light is visible for more than two minutes at the border of the frame while it is changing its brightness, flight pass and speed. The camera has been mounted on a 10m pole. A second camera with an optical grating has been running at the ground. However, the light turned away before it reached the frame of the spectral camera. Visually the light has not been observed. In the early morning hours all observers were staying in their cabins after a stressful week.

For the purpose of analysis, researchers interested in the material can download the original JPEGs and RAWs as RAR-file (301 MB).

Hessdalen Light in the night to September 8th 2013; please activate full screen and Full HD

Composite image of 9 individual frames with an exposure time of10sec and an interval of 5sec; click to enlarge

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