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The book "Extraterrestrials" has received a largely positive echo in fringe science. A reception in the humanities - the actual target group of the book - remains subject of future debate. Here are some statements:

"The book of the year." (GreWi aktuell)

"Pröschold´s book is adding an important perspective to the discussion about the taboo around extraterrestrials [...] and can be - despite some minor problems - heavily recommended." (Ingbert Jüdt, Zeitschrift für Anomalistik)

"A remarkable and imporant work!! I will try to recommend your book to the university library." (a reader)

"Although Pröschold´s argumentation is a rather philosophical and does not take into account practical research, he is appoaching the subject in quite an interesing way." (Hans-Werner Peiniger, UFO-researcher)

"Exceptionally instructive and putting forward convincing argument" (a German sociologist)

„[The author] is making the same mistake as all uninformed sceptics: Sceptics first set up a hypothesis and afterwards judge the observations.“ (Illobrand von Ludwiger, UFO researcher)

"I have devoured [the book] just yesterday and would like to thank you for the excellent work!" (a reader)

"What a wonderful and interesting work!" (Author of a big German radio station)

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