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Official information point

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September 2016 - Hessdalen received an official information point. It has been inaugurated by the local mayor in an opening ceremony. The architecture of the monument has been inspired by Stonehenge and it is pointing to unsolved mysteries of mankind. The information point is signposted on the road from Røros to Trondheim. It is situated on the main road at the entrance of the valley.

January 2016 - The Olav Thon Foundation has granted 1,5 million Norwegian Crowns (ca. 150.000€) for field research in Hessdalen. The amount was given to Project Hessdalen because of excellence in student participation in research. Since many years Science Camps are run in Hessdalen in September. With help of the found the Science Camp will be extended to two and a half weeks in 2016 and it will be possible to set up more mountain camps than in previous years.


December 2014 - A report about the Hessdalen Phenomenon has been aired by the German and French TV channel ARTE.  A crew from the science broadcast X:enius accomanied Norwegian scientists at the yearly Science Camp. During the week-long field study measurements in the electromagnetic spetrum are conducted, radar echoes are obtained and meteorological data are recoreded. Beside the Hessdalen Phenomenon other light phenomena such as ball-lightning and ghost lights have been introduced.


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