An interview with Erling Strand and Bjørn Gitle Hauge - Hessdalen Germany

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An interview with Erling Strand and Bjørn Gitle Hauge

Erling Strand


Erling Strand is conducting the fieldwork in Hessdalen since 1984. In 1982, as a young computing specialist, he has been reading about alleged observations of strange light phenomena in Hessdalen in the newspaper. Shortly thereafter he went to Hessdalen himself and he could observe a bright light from nearby. Together with some colleagues he founded Project Hessdalen and made it a project of Østfold University College.

Bjørn Gitle Hauge

Bjørn Gitle Hauge is a master for electronics and is involved in the Hessdalen research since 1994. His knowhow has repeatedly been important to develop the instruments used for fieldwork and to improve the validation of the measurements. Hauge´s photography and analysis of the spectrum of the Hessdalen Light is considered as a milestone in Hessdalen research.

Eugen Kamenew and Bernd Pröschold met with Erling and Bjørn at Oslo Gardermoen airport.

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