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September 2012

During the Science Camp 2012 researchers from five nations and three TV crews came to Hessdalen. The author of this website has been shooting timelapse sequences with more than 12.000 frames. In the night from November 17th to 18th a camera on Skarvan hill has been recording two noteworthy light phenomena.

From 9:42pm to 10:38pm a red blinking light is moving back and force west of lake Øyungen (map of the event). The slower the light is moving, the brighter does it appear in the shots. When the light is standing still, it becomes overexposed and white in colour. In the fourth frame of the video the light is taking nearly a 180° turn in 15 seconds.

Actually, airplanes can significantly change their direction in 15 seconds (video of a manoeuvre of an airplane in a shot from the Canary Islands). However, a 180° turn within 15 seconds appears not to be doable with a civil airplane.

The light is disappearing behind the slope of a mountain and therefore must be more than 6km away. Drones are usually not equipped with bright LEDs and they usually do not fly during nights with wind speeds of 5 Beaufort.

The camera has been equipped with an optical grating. However, the light was too weak to produce a spectrum. The spectrum in the lower part of the image is from a cabin light outside the frame. For the purpose of analysis, researchers interested in the material can download the original JPEG files recorded between
9:42pm to 10:38pm as RAR file (452MB).

Anomal light in the evening of September 17th 2012; please activate full screen and Full HD

Composite image of 68 individual frames, recorded from 10:02 to 10:38pm; click to enlarge

At 2:00am and 2:16am a light is appearing against the backdrop of the islands in the lake. As the light can´t be identified in the neighbour frames, the respective duration of the phenomenon must have been below 15 seconds. Above the light phenomenon, at the western shore of the lake, the light of a cabin is visible.

Point-shaped light appearing at 2:00 and 2:16am over Lake Øyungen; please activate full screen and Full HD

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